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Are Siromer Tractors Reliable? Their reviews speak for themselves.....

Updated: Feb 23

Watch Siromer Reviews by Genuine Siromer Tractor owners

Because Siromer tractors are fabulously reliable they have been sold in the UK for over 25 years and worldwide for over 40 years. With over 5000 tractor owners in the UK you are never more than 10 miles from existing Siromer Tractor owner and often no more than 5 miles. This is testiment to the Siromer Tractor reliabilty and customer support which Siromer Tractors offer. The Siromer tractors are manufactured in China and their factory produces over 150,000 tractors per year with over 1000 employees, The Siromer 304 being their most popular model with over 100,000 sold world wide.

Siromer tractors come with a full 12 month warrenty covering absolutley everything on the tractor. (many manufactures only offer 3 months on many items when you read the small print, even though they claim to offer 3 or even 5 years)

The Siromer tractors warrenty can be extended year on year for as long as you require, if you need that extra piece of mind. The Siromer phylosiphy is to ensure their tractors are the best value for money they can possibly be. So why pay for long warranties where you are locked into, often pricey, service contracts when you just don't need to?

Siromer Tractors enormous parts department will keep your tractor running at a reasonable cost. Hundreds of Siromer Tractors are now over 20 years old and still working every day, the longevity of your Siromer Tractor is guanteed by the superb Siromer tractors backup.

Siromer Tractors are very basic while retaining all the essentials. Siromer Tractors are fitted with a dual stage clutch as standard, crucial for PTO driven machinery, the dual stage clutch protects the machinery and the tractor. They also come complete with power steering, 4wd, differential lock, sprung comfort seat, front weights and so much more, all as standard for no extra cost. With no complicated electronics, dpf or adblue, the Siromer tractor maintenance costs are very low. You will never have to pay for a specialist to plug a computer in. Any diesel mechanic can work on and maintain the Siromer Tractors, infact they are so simple many Siromer tractor owners service and maintain their own tractor.

The Siromer tractors are so popular and loved by their owners many have more than one and Siromer can put you intouch with existing owners for an unbiased opinion. Infact Boxford Suffolk farms own 25 Siromer Tractors ranging from 20 - 40hp and from 16 years old to less than a year old. Many Siromer tractors are used as yardscrapers, scraping out twice a day, everyday, even the popular YouTuber Tom Pemberton uses a Siromer 304 twice a day every days to keep his cow cubicles clean. Strictly winner, racing driver and soap star Kelvin Fletcher has spent most of his working life playing a farmer on Emmerdale - now he's doing it for real, with a Siromer Lighting Tractor. Kelvin Fletcher built his own Siromer Lightning and uses it for maintaing his farm, topping grass, levelling the horse arena and as an all round handy tool.

Pemberton Farm's Siromer tractor

Kelvin Fletcher builds his own Siromer Flatpack Tractor

Boxford Suffolk Farms 18th Siromer Tractor

Boxford Suffolk Farms 18th Tractor


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