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Where do I find Siromer Tractor Reviews


To read reviews on Siromer Tractors please click here.

If you would like to speak to any of the Siromer owners who have left a review please contact us and we can put you in touch. As we have sold over 4000 Siromer tractors in the UK we can guarantee there will be a Siromer owner within 10 miles of you where ever you are in England, Scotland or Wales. Contact us if you would like to get in touch with a Siromer owner near you for an unbiased opinion of Siromer Tractors.

How do I leave a review on my Siromer Tractor and equiment

We love to hear from our customers and if you fill out our review page we will post a free fuel or oil filter for your Siromer Tractors. Please email us any picture you have of your Siromer tractor and equipment, its always great to put a picture with the review.

Click here to leave your review.

What  is the difference between  shuttle and creeper gearboxes?

A creeper gearbox has a reverse gear on the main stick,  just like a car, It also has a high/low ratio and a creeper ratio allowing for extra slow speeds, ideal for planting or pulling tree stumps out of the ground when a bit of extra torque is needed. 

A shuttle gearbox has a separate forward/reverse lever allowing the tractor to go at the same speed forward and backward. It still has a high/low ratio but does not have a creeper ratio. Ideal for loader work or scraping out.

What is a synchromesh gearbox?

A synchromesh gearbox allows you to change gear on the move, ideal for road use. With a straight cut gearbox the tractor needs to be stationary for a gear to be selected. The tractors are powerful enough to take off in the appropriate gear. All Siromer tractors have straight cut gears apart from the 404CH Synchro and the 504CH which both have synchromesh gearboxes.

What are wet brakes and are they more effective?

A wet brake is also called oil-cooled or oil-immersed disc brakes because oil is part of the system to maintain its low temperature. When there is a need to step on the brakes even during extreme and wet conditions, this type of brake is more reliable, So when it comes to choosing a heavy-duty vehicle, those equipped with wet brakes are the best choices. All Siromer tractors 50hp and  above are fitted with wet brakes.

To find out more about wet brakes click here.

Can I road register my Siromer Tractor

If you have one of our Siromer tractors, you can road register it through us here at Siromer.

If you would like us to organise the registration for you, please contact one of our team via email or telephone. The registration costs £125 plus vat, and we will deal with all the paperwork for you.

We will need to know the name of the person it's to be registered to, along with the address and tractor's serial number and colour. 


Where do I find service information for my Siromer Tractor

Please click here to find service information for your model of Siromer Tractor

What is the difference between a Flail Mower and a Topper

To read a short article about toppers and flail mowers please click here.

To watch a short video to help you decide between a topper and a flail mower, click here.

What will happen on delivery day?

To ensure the delivery goes smoothly please read the advice here.

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