Siromer have been importing tractors from China since 1999 and have sold over 4000 in the UK. 

This means you will be less than 10 miles from a Siromer Tractor anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. If you would like to speak to a local Siromer Owner please call us and we will be happy to put you in touch.

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The new Siromer Lightning 35hp, 4cyl tractor is Siromer's most compact tractor. Available flatpacked or preassembled this tractor has a dual clutch, shuttle gearbox, dual double acting spool valves, 4wd, power steering, at 1m wide and 1150kg these Lightnings have a huge specification in a compact body. 



Siromer introduced the high performance CH Range in 2014, expanding our horsepower offering to 50hp in the process. The range features four models, the 254CH (25hp, 4wd), 404CHSynchro (40hp, 4wd) and 504CH (50hp, 4wd). All models are fitted with a shuttle gearbox and can be road registered. The 404CHsynchro and 504CH are fitted with the more sophisticated synchromesh gearbox and are available with a cab.



The MK404 and MK504 are available with a fully air conditioned cab and come as standard with super steer front mudguards and synchromesh gearbox.



The original Siromer 304 30hp tractor is now the Field Range. Well equipped, these compact machines offer exceptional value for money and are available flatpacked or preassembled. These utility tractors are fitted with traditional tractor features such as a foot handbrake and flow and return hydraulics while incorporating modern requirements such as power sterring and 4wd.