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Customer Testimonials


Boxford Suffolk Farms, who grow fruit for Copella fruit juices have twenty five Siromer tractors. See the video to see exactly what for!

Boxford Suffolk Farms - Siromer 204S, 244E, 304 and 404 owners since 2008.

Hear it straight from our customers at the Great Yorkshire Show! They can't stop raving about Siromer Tractors. Find out why they're falling in love with out reliable machines.

Chris Philips 17535

Having initially had a lighting, which was replaced by the 304, one word, "OUTSTANDING" , a great workhorse, used to maintain our land, works a 5ft topper, hedge cutter, chipper and log splitter. Going to be serviced over the coming weeks, all parts easily available from siromer.

Service provided by Siromer is absolutely fantastic, great knowledgeable staff, and always happy to advise, and always polite and courteous.

(review date 14.02.24)

Mr Phillips - Siromer 304 owner since 2023

304 Ashton Golf Centre

Ashton Golf Centre in the UK has been receiving a lot of positive comments about the course conditions over the past few weeks. This recent wave of praise is largely attributed to the equipment from Siromer tractors, improving their golf course maintenance, according to the information provided by the club. Members and visitors alike have noticed substantial improvements in the quality of the greens and fairways, making their golfing experience even more enjoyable.

The team at Ashton Golf Centre has put in considerable effort to maintain the course, and their recent acquisition of Siromer tractors appears to have paid off. While it's not uncommon for golf courses to receive feedback from their patrons, the overflow of positive comments over recent weeks speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the new machinery.

The groundskeeping staff has credited Siromer tractors for their reliability and efficiency, which have enabled them to perform maintenance tasks more effectively. From mowing to conditioning the greens, the new equipment has played a crucial role in elevating the standard of the course.

Ashton Golf Centre is known for its commitment to providing an excellent golfing experience, and the recent improvements are a testament to this dedication. The club will likely continue to invest in top-tier equipment and maintenance practices to ensure that members and visitors enjoy a pristine course year-round.

For those looking to experience these improved conditions firsthand, now is a great time to visit Ashton Golf Centre. The positive feedback from recent golfers is a strong indication that the course is in top shape and worth a visit.

(review date 12.06.24)

Ashton Golf Centre - Siromer 304 owner since 2024


Hello Louise.

Regarding my recent problem with the pin that needed replacing on the gear linkage attached to the gearbox on my Siromer 204S, I would like to say the following; you and your staff were brilliant and extremely helpful.

I know nothing of 'mechanics,' give me any language and I am comfortable, but I was able to fix the problem! That was only possible because of the very explicit help and information you all gave me.

So again I say a very big THANK YOU!!

Very sincerely,


(review date 10.06.24)

Ken - Siromer 204S owner since 2021


I bought a second hand Siromer 204S and got intouch with Ben from Siromer for some parts and advice, all I can say is a massive thank you, as ordered the parts pne day and arrived the next day and advice was top class, look forward to dealing with you in future. All the best.

(review date 23.02.24)

Mr Raymond Bushell - Siromer 204S owner since 2024

My siromer 204s and siromer 4ft flail mower has been handy for keeping the grass down. Very reliable kit.

Would recommend Siromer.

(review date 14.02.24)

Posted anonymously.

My Siromer 204s perfoms well from cleaning out low entry cattle sheds with front end loader and backhoe 195 not much manual work at all.

(review date 13.02.24)

Mr Arkle - Siromer 204s owner since 2018

Salter- ID 16861.jpg

I have just spent the afternoon and evening splitting logs with my 2006 204s, following great advice and assistance from Siromer UK and the FB owners group. It is such an easy tractor to work on, nice and basic. Even though I didn't buy direct from Siromer UK they know which tractor is mine and always answer the phone or emails.
The hilly ground that I run on never gives me any issues and it always feels stable, and having a loader fitted is a real bonus! 

(review date 07/02/2024)

Mr Salter - Siromer 204s owner since 2020


As a Siromer 304 owner of many years I needed advice on managing the hydraulics. I rang through and their advice was exemplary. After talking through the issue they honed in on the problem I'd encountered which was simply "user error" on my part. I'm not ashamed to admit it however, I was genuinely confused. So great to receive expert assistance that quickly sorted the issue. Thank you Siromer UK.

(review date 02/02/24)

Oak Hill Orchard Farm - Siromer 304 owner

Mr Whitehouse.jpg

I have Siromer 304, it is very good and we are very pleased, we use it for mucking out, loading trailers, we have a back hoe we use for pulling tree roots out. We just have a small holding and we didn't need a big tractor and for my money I got a very stong tractor. We will be buying a wood chipper and a back box

(review date 01/08/2023)

Mr Whitehouse - Siromer 304 owner since 2022

It’s brilliant, I use it to replace quad, cat1 linkage, which enables the use of bale spike to take round bales to sheep over wet ground with doing minimal damage to ground. Use it with all quad equipment, brilliant with weed wiper as use hand throttle to set speed and maintain constant speed. I can’t recommend it enough and thanks to everyone at Siromer for the help and advice on our 23yr old 304.

Still going strong!

(review date 05/01/24)

Mr Sharp - Siromer 304 owner since 2001

Mr Parker.png

We bought a Siromer 504 last year and we are very pleased with it, I would recommend it to anyone.

(review date 2/06/2022)

Mr Parker - Siromer 504 owner since 2021


We have had a 304 since 2009, very pleased with it, and decided to upgrade to a new one with a front loader.

(review date 08/04/2022)

Mr Fairfield - Siromer 304 owner since 2009


We have a Siromer 204S since 2008, does all sorts for us, tops grass, turns hay,very versatile round the caravan park.

(review date 30/03/2022)

Mr Lee Naylor - Siromer 204S owner since 2008

Mr Hurworth.png

We have had a Siromer 304 for 4 years now, I don't know where we would be without it, uses no fuel, absolutely lovely, it takes no room up, can go anywhere, does everything you want it to do when you want to do it.

(review date 15/02/2022)

Mr Hurworth - Siromer 304 owner since 2018


I've had my Siromer for 3 years, starts every time, so good on fuel, better than my little Honda lawn mower, I bought it as a yard tractor, I put my baler on it, rolling, I have an array of gadgets to attach to it.

(review date 22/08/2021)

Mr Stuart- Siromer 404 owner since 2020

colin batchelor.jpg

We have a Siromer 254, previously I was lumping everything around by hand. My Siromer has made all of the fencing and muck heap clearing so much easier. I live in Halifax which is very hilly. It is a great little tractor, easy to start, and very economical on the diesel as well.

(review date 28/06/2021)

Mr Whittington - Siromer 254 owner since 2021

504CH cab.png

Our Siromer 504 has been amazing, always exceeding our expectations, we push it really hard. It has a cab so we make sure we use it in all weathers.

(review date 12/05/2021)

Mr Michael French - Siromer 504 owner since 2021

Mr Jones.jpg

We have a 40hp with a cab for just over a year,  use it for brush clearance, bales, I keep it very busy and I'm very happy with it.

(review date 10/09/2022)

Mr Tim Jones - Siromer 404 owner since 2021

304 mr cowgill

We do 1000 hours a year, used as a scraper tractor, bought new and had no trouble, nice comfy tractor to drive, controls are great, real value for money and can service yourself.

(review date 28/09/2020)

Mr Cowgill - Siromer 304 owner since 2012

304 Russell Manson

A photo of my favourite tractor.

(review date 03/11/2020)

Mr Russell Manson - Siromer 304 owner since 2015

erik Siromer 204E

Probably my favourite picture, it was taken when we first moved into our new house, we bought the tractor as part of the sale ❤!

(review date 09/12/2020)

Mr Erik Twigt - Siromer 204E owner since 2019

204 snow.JPG

Hedge trimming in -10 degrees this afternoon. 20 years on, the 204 is still doing what's required. Not bad!

(review date 12/01/2021)

Mr Gordon Johnston - Siromer 204 owner since 2001

254 Snow (2).jpg

More snow easily cleared by a 254CH on only grass tyres! All parked up and ready for more. 

(review date 29/01/2021)

Mr Andy Harrold - Siromer 254CH owner since 2018

Tony Fox Topping 2020

I use my Siromer 304 for so many things: rotavating, topping my paddocks, levelling my riding manège, splitting logs and carrying all sorts on the rear pallet forks. Naturally things wear out and I buy spare parts. Louise is always very knowledgeable and helpful. I receive the best after-sales service anybody could wish for. She's the best! Tony Fox.

(review date 12/02/2021)

Mr Tony Fox - Siromer 304 owner since 2008

254CH and 304 Rawlinson

Time to go trimming the hedges again, it should be much easier this year with two great Siromer tractors!

(review date 24/09/2020)

Mr Rawlinson - Siromer 304 owner since 2012

                   - Siromer 254CH owner since 2020

I have had my Siromer 304 for over 20 years and it has been nothing but completely reliable. At the time it was the largest tractor available in the Siromer range otherwise I might have gone for a 40hp model. But I have to say that the tractor had been a delight to own and is now a part of the family. I have always received a friendly and first class service from Siromer.

(review date 27/02/2020)

Mr Cole - Siromer 304 owner since 2000

flail mower review

Lucy Bearne - Siromer 404 and flail mower owner since 2019


We are delighted with our 30hp Siromer, it works over 8 acres of land, we use it with a topper, hydraulic tipping trailer and loader. It is worked incredibly hard, we find it easy to use and the fact that we can service and repair this tractor in house is convenient and cost effective. The work is does is quite amazing.

(review date 20/12/2019)

Mr Longworth- Siromer 304 owner since 2002

I have had the tractor since 2005 and great support from Siromer, although I am not a mechanic the tractor is very easy to work on with very little knowledge..

(review date 02/12/2019)

Mr Dawes - Siromer 304 owner since 2005

Happy with all of the jobs it can do, the loader will shift all of the hay bales, keeps the farm clean and tidy. Easy to use and does me proud.

(review date 29/11/2019)

Mr Quilliam  - Siromer 354E owner since 2018

254CH we bought this tractor in 2018 as a second tractor for carrying out the lighter duties around home when our larger loader tractor was busy, it does everything we need with ease topping, spraying, grading horse arena, harrowing, rolling (full size 9ft concrete filled roller) in addition to this I also use it for our contracting business with a rotovator and a cable/pipe plough for laying pipes and electric cables, we can do 100s of metres a day with ease, the tractor exceeds my expectations and I’m always trying it at a new level just to see what it will do, as for reliability and build quality other than my wife running it out of diesel it’s never broke down or failed to start, I service it myself which is simple to do and tighten the odd thing up that may come loose, I have only ever had cause to ring the dealer once over a minor issue and the answer was there waiting so the issue resolved instantly, never a problem with spares and service items and delightful people on the phone.

In summary a great tractor at a fraction of the cost of others and always puts a smile on my face.

(review date 06/08/2019)

Dave Spencer  - Siromer 254CH owner since 2018

Already had an IH 434 c/w trip loader but too cumbersome for our small area so purchased the 204S in April 2008. Very nimble, powerful enough for all field operations and general transport. 4 WD is big benefit on our sloping ground. Easy to service which I do myself. Only one minor repair in 11 years - no specialist part or knowledge required. Very pleased with this tractor.

(review date 03/03/2019)

John Tweedle  - Siromer 204S owner since 2008

The Siromer 404 with loader is a good yard tractor, ie muck scraping, and loader work. We now have nearly 1300 hours on the clock.

(review date 28/11/2019)

Robert Hughes  - Siromer 404CH owner since 2016

The tractors are great, a lot of grunt and never let me down. I never have to worry about them. All of the team are absolutely magic. Not just helpful and knowledgeable but a pleasure to speak with. Reasonably priced parts, a fast and accurate service. It just works!

(review date 06/02/2019)

T. R. Lucocq  - Siromer 244E owner since 2014

                  - Siromer 404CH owner since 2017

I have both a Siromer 204S and a 354E. Both are fitted with loaders which make them very versatile and the different sizes of the two tractors fill very separate functions for me. The smaller model is extremely manoeuvrable and ideal in small spaces whereas the 354E is a real heavy duty workhorse. I can honestly say I have had no real problems with either tractor (in 12 years in the case of the 204S) but whenever I have a technical question I always get prompt and accurate advice from the Siromer office. Based on my experience another member of my family also purchased a Siromer after looking at other, more expensive makes. Highly recommended.

(review date 09/01/2018)

Ray Adcock  - Siromer 204S owner since 2007

                  - Siromer 354E owner since 2018

We own 2 Siromers. The last one purchased was a 50hp. You wont get better value for money. It's a fabulous, sturdy tractor. Travels well on the road. Can't fault it. We would highly recommend these tractors.

(review date 22/11/2017)

Brian Keighrey  - Siromer 204S owner since 2007

                      - Siromer 504CH owner since 2016

I have two Siromer tractors, a 404CH Synchro bought in April/May 2016 and a 204 bought nine years ago. Both were used for the hay harvest, producing 742 bales with no problems. The 204 is still using it's original battery and starts instantly.

(review date 05/11/2017)

Mr Fulton  - Siromer 204 owner since 2007

               - Siromer 404CH owner since 2016

I have 5 acres on clay which we keep 5 horses on. I wanted to buy a new tractor so I started looking at Kubota and Siromer tractors, everyone said go for the Kubota, when I tested it, it was good but seemed light and would not lift hay bales and it was almost double the cost of a similar Siromer. I went to see Siromer tractors at Preston and decided to buy a 40hp tractor with a front loader, backhoe, flail hedge cutter and a rotary culltivator. After agreeing a price I placed an order which was very efficiently delivered. I'm glad I didnt listen to my friends I feel I have a better tractor with all my attachments for the same price as I could have bought just a 45hp Kubota with loader and no other attachments. I am laughing all the way to the bank. Siromer have been very efficient and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Siromer Tractors to anyone thinking of buying a tractor.

(review date 05/11/2019)

Rob Desty  - Siromer 404CH owner since 2015


If you're looking for a compact tractor & equipment then this is the place!
Friendly & very knowledgable staff will help you find the right choice for your needs. You can test drive the tractors & view the equipment.
Add to this great customer service & after care and you're onto a winner.

(review date 18/09/2016)

Janeen Shears - Siromer 254CH owner since 2016

We have owned our Siromer tractor since 2014. My husband has always been the tractor driver in our family but I have had to learn to use ours this summer and it couldn't have been more fun. At the beginning there were a few hiccups when the key broke and the fuse box cover melted but Siromer could not have been more helpful with sorting everything out. And now there is not stopping me. It is a lovely little tractor and I love using it.

(review date 21/11/2018)

Mrs Phillpot - Siromer 254CH owner since 2014

Bought as a flat pack. As an engineer not difficult to assemble. Completed in three days. Used most days on a four acre smallholding for a wide variety of tasks. Rotavating, topping, ploughing and towing an assortment of trailers. As a 25 HP machine tractor has delivered its power very well especially in low ratio easily completing tasks that I thought would be too much for it.

(review date 07/09/2017)

Mr Les Brown - Siromer 254CH owner since 2017

This Siromer 204s was found with Ivy, Briars, and even a small sycamore tree growing through the wheel and into the bonnet. The tractor had been stood outside for 5 years and not moved in that time due to the engine not starting on the key, however, the key was bypassed and started almost straight away. The electrics have since been gone through and the vehicle now strikes up on the turn of the key. This has to be a testimony to the reliability and build quality of a great compact tractor.

(review date 01/06/2018)

Mr David Spindley - Siromer 204S owner since 2018, tractor age 2006

I use the tractor for general jobs around our 5 acre property. This includes use of the rear pallet forks for transporting all sorts of things from concrete blocks to bags of horse manure. I also have a rotavator and a topper for maintaining pasture and a levelling-frame for keeping the sand surface of our riding arena level. The tractor has proved to be reliable throughout. Of course, adjustments and servicing are necessary from time to time. Parts are easily available direct from Siromer Tractors in Pilling, also through our local agent - Bavenhill in Herefordshire, who also carry out servicing.

(review date 24/04/2018)

Mr Tony Fox - Siromer 204S owner since 2010

Bought the tractor and other Siromer Equipment to help prepare, and later maintain land in which we are building a new home, so far I have only used the machine for approximately ten hours with both forend loader and four in one bucket, and the flail mower with side shift, and can only say how impressed I am with the quality of the machines, and with the job they are capable of doing.

(review date 14/12/2017)

Mr Michael Woohouse - Siromer 404CH synchro owner since 2017

I have had my 204E for about 7 years and have been very happy with the tractor. It's solidly built and reliable, and with the backing of Siromer UK and local dealer, help is always at hand. Only issue I have had is when the alternator started over charging and constantly blowing fuses, but a couple of emails to Siromer the problem cause was identified and I bought a replacement part which was shipped quickly me.

(review date 08/11/2017)

Mr Hooper - Siromer 204E owner since 2011

I recently purchased a B94 Back Hoe for my old faithfull Siromer 204S tractor. My contact with Siromer was a very pleasant experience . They were prompt in answering my requests, knowledgeable in technical detail and were able to arrange delivery to suit my needs. Following delivery I was well impressed with the product quality and they even sent a spare and strengthened tractor top link bracket, (just in case!). I also had no problem getting a parts list in case I ever need any spares.
I would not hesitate to recommend the company and their products.

(review date 13/10/2016)

Ian Taylor - Siromer 204S owner since 2008

204 2cyl David James

My trusty ,2 cylinder. Moves my log splitter as fast as my IHC 784. A fraction of fuel. D

(review date 24/05/2016)

David James - Siromer 204 owner since 2003

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