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Siromer 404CH Review

Desty Marine - Siromer 404CH. " I have 5 acres on clay which we keep 5 horses on. I wanted to buy a new tractor so I started looking at Kubota and Siromer tractors, everyone said go for the Kubota, when I tested it, it was good but seemed light and would not lift hay bales and it was almost double the cost of a similar Siromer. I went to see Siromer tractors at Preston and decided to buy a 40hp tractor with a front loader, backhoe, flail hedge cutter and a rotary culltivator. After agreeing a price I placed an order which was very efficiently delivered. I'm glad I didnt listen to my friends I feel I have a better tractor with all my attachments for the same price as I could have bought just a 45hp Kubota with loader and no other attachments. I am laughing all the way to the bank. Siromer have been very efficient and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Siromer Tractors to anyone thinking of buying a tractor. " Rob Desty - Desty Marine 

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