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For Siromer's 20th Birthday their Original Flatpack tractor gets a facelift.

Siromer imported their first flatpack tractor in December 1999 and since then have sold over 4000 tractors in the UK. Now where ever you are in England, Scotland or Wales you will be no futher than 10 miles from a Siromer tractor owner.

The original flat pack tractor was the Siromer 304 - 30 hp 4wd tractor which Siromer still sell today. Over the past 20 years there have been many improvements to the 304 tractor such as improved headlights, increased capacity hydraulic tank, folding roll bar and sprung seat.

2009 - 2019 Siromer 304

For the 20th anniversary the Siromer 304 will be getting a new style bonnet which in addition to a new full electronic dash also has side vents for better cooling and is fully opening for easy access to the engine for servicing.

20th Anniversary Siromer 304
20th Anniversary Siromer 304

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