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The BEST Smallholders Machinery

What jobs do you need the machinery to do?

Help with planting crops and vegetables

Preparing the land for planting is one of the most back breaking jobs a smallholder has to do if they don’t have the right machinery available to them. A Stone burier is the ultimate choice for one pass soil preparation The stone burier cultivates to a depth of 6 inches, buries stones and levels to prepare the perfect bed. The heavy duty reverse rotation rotor throws all stones and soil against a selection grate and sorts material by density covering the bed with a blanket of fine soil and finishes by rolling firm.

Keeping livestock secure

The grass is always greener as far as your livestock is concerned so keeping fences well maintained is crucial. A post banger is the alternative which fits to the tractors 3 pointlinkage and uses the tractor hydraulics to lift a weight which then falls under gravity to bang the post into the ground. The heavier the weight on the post banger the easier it is to bang the post in. Siromer offer two options of weight depending on your tractors capability. 200kg and 350kg.

Moving logs, feed and crops

A tipping transport box is such a useful item to have around the smallholding, have it hitched to the tractors three pointlinkage and use it as a mechanical wheelbarrow for carrying anything you need around. They are available with hydraulic tipping using the tractors hydraulics or mechanical tipping as simple as pulling a rope from the tractor seat. At £480 for a fully galvanised mechanical back box from Siromer it’s not worth not having one.

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