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Siromer Tractors Announces Dealer Of The Year Awards

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Siromer, a favourite amongst smallholders and those looking for compact tractors and equipment have announced details of their first ever dealers of the year. The family owned firm have gone from strength to strength since it was first founded in 1999 with over 3,500 owners around the globe.

Much of their success so far is down to hard work, great customer service and a thriving partnership with a nationwide network of dealers. These partnerships enable the Siromer brand to be accessible throughout the UK and internationally, with Siromer quick to acknowledge the level of success and support that has transpired through their partnerships.

In recognition of their dealer’s successes Siromer has announced their first ever Dealer Awards, which they plan to host annually.

The first awards have been split into three categories:

Stuart Wright wins Siromer Tractors exceptional performance 2015

Exceptional Performance – awarded to the dealer that has gone beyond expectations. This year the award goes to Stuart Wright Tractors of East Anglia Having built an extremely strong relationship with their clients they have succeeded in providing compact tractor and equipment solutions in their local area, which has included the provision of several units of the new, larger CH Range Tractors, particularly suitable for the terrain in East Anglia.

TRW Engineering wins Siromer Outstanding Contribution award 2015

Outstanding Contribution – this is awarded to TRW Engineering of Cornwall & Devon for their continued effort in helping to raise awareness of the Siromer brand, both within their local area and nationally. Tim, from TRW is a firm favourite on the county show circuit, having exhibited at over 5 shows this year, including: The Royal Cornwall, Midlands Machinery and The Devon County Show.

Tooby and Williams, Siromer Dealer of the Year 2015

Dealer Of The Year – the highest accolade for best overall performance goes to Tooby & Williams of South Wales. Recognised for having developed both an excellent reputation and outstanding customer service for the Siromer brand Tooby & Williams expanded their tractor owners network by 40% – definitely a deal clincher and worthy of the award!

Louise Howard, Managing Director of Siromer and daughter of the company founder said “It has been a fantastic year for Siromer as we continue to grow. We wanted to recognise the hard work and efforts that our dealer partners put in by creating these awards as a way of thanking them.”

And with sales up by 30% from 2014, along with the introduction last year of the new Siromer CH Range, this family firm has certainly come a long way.

If you’d like to be part of the dealer network, or are simply looking for some more information on compact tractors, equipment or your local dealer then please contact Siromer on 01253 799 029 or visit

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