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Siromer Launch 254CH

Following the release of a high horsepower compact tractor / small tractor range last year, Siromer have announced they are to launch a 25HP model in the same range this year. Previously spanning 40-50HP the CH Range is Siromer's third, adding to the Field and EU Range, which have been established for 16 years and 5 years respectively.

The new model, branded the 254CH, is similar in spec to the 244E, Siromer's 24HP EU range offering. Both models are eligible for road use, capable of lifting similar weights on the front and back end and are both fitted with a dual double acting spool. So why the need for a new model? A shuttle gearbox. A shuttle gearbox allows the operator to smoothly transition between forward and reverse through a second shift lever, which in this case is situated on the operator dashboard. This not only allows the operator to switch direction quickly but it also gives the tractor the same top speed in either direction, making the mechanism popular with users undertaking substantial loader work.

Design wise the tractor looks the part and is similar to the rest of the CH range; featuring bug headlights, iconic red paintwork and large rear mudguards. At the launch Siromer were quick to confirm the new model will have the option of either agricultural or turf tyres, as well as announcing a new loader engineered specifically for the 254CH, available with either a standard or 4in1 bucket. The industry standard CAT 1 rear linkage ensures the tractor is compatible with the majority of compact tractor / small tractor equipment, including, of course, Siromer's own expansive range.

The price for all this tractor? £5,995+vat flatpack, the same price as the Siromer 244E. All Siromer models are also available assembled by your local dealer. For more information contact Siromer on 01253 799 029 or click here.

Siromer 254CH

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