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Siromer’s all-new range of tractors have been officially unveiled in front of many of the country’s largest

agricultural shows. The new Siromer range, labelled CH, will include three tractors driven by high

torque direct injection diesel engines.

Siromer, who have sold over 3,500 tractors in 10 years, have listened closely to their customers and responded with a high power range of compact tractor / small tractors. Fitted with 40 to 50 horsepower engines the tractors are expected to offer great value and fill a gap in the market for a powerful compact tractor / small tractor. Jeff Howard, Siromer’s CEO, joined us for an exclusive presentation on the new range.

From the outset Jeff’s high expectation for the new range was clear. “Siromer have mastered the art of small to mid engine compact tractor / small tractors, we wanted to apply this to a high power range. Siromer’s standards are high, our testing has been meticulous, we believe we’ve cracked it.”

The new CH range tractors are approximately 65% larger than the current Siromer EU and Field range (excluding the Siromer 354E). The additional size adds a ton to each tractors weight, improving the rear lift capacity. The largest of the range, the 50hp 504CH, is capable of lifting a sizeable 1700kg on the rear linkage.

The range design has also seen changes. The new design, fronted by Louise Howard, features bug headlights, grey wheels and weights, an all black dashboard and polished walnut gear handles.

Siromer have also made subtle changes to the tractors mechanics. Most notably the addition of a wet brake system, which will decrease stopping distances and improve brake durability. The system uses hydraulic fluid to cool brake components, reducing wear from excessive heat. The CH Range also benefits from dual double acting spools. Dual double acting spools, which were first introduced on the Siromer EU Range (launched 2009), allow the tractor to operate hydraulic shifted equipment through the use of valves that hold and release hydraulic pressure.

The Siromer 504CH, photographed, is the largest of the CH Range and widely expected to be the most popular. Test driving the 50hp 4WD model showed exactly what the tractor was capable of and that the ride and turning circle remained comfortable and tight despite the size gain. The two further models in the range are the 40hp 404CH and 45hp 454CH. All models are four wheel drive and fitted with a shuttle gearbox, resulting in an equal number of forward and reverse gears (12).

As expected Siromer’s new range offers great value. Priced at £8500, £9500 and £10500 for the 404CH, 454CH and 504CH respectively(prices exclude vat), the range can be considered an option for many smallholders looking for a powerful compact.

In short, Siromer’s CH Range offers the same quality, value and service expected from Siromer on a larger scale, and for that reason the range is expected to make a big impact.

For more information call Siromer on 01253 799 029 or click here.

Siromer 404CH

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