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The topper mower is the classic Farmers mower. They have been used for many years to do as the name suggests - take the “Top” grass off only. They are ideal for cutting pasture after grazing as they will remove quickly the ungrazed grass and weeds. Toppers can cut long grass, brambles, nettles, docks  etc. They are robust and can be used in the higher gear ranges on a tractor.  Good topping will control weeds by cutting off the growing tips of weeds and the seed heads.  Topping grass will also stimulate good re-growth and will ensure more fleshy leaves and increased grazing. The cuttings are longer than a flail or finishing mower and the grass is usually thrown against the the skids of the machine leaving rows of cuttings rather than scattering.


Siromer 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 9ft toppers have a galvanized body with a single steel blade carrier with two high performance swinging blades which are replaceable. Cut height has 4 settings and is controlled by skids which can be raised or lowered as needed. These toppers can be used inline or semi offset by adjusting the headstock.

The Siromer 9ft topper is galvanized with two steel blade carriers with two high performance swinging blades per carrier. Cut height is controlled by skids and adjustable twin supporting wheels. 


Siromer toppers are supplied with a PTO shaft with shear bolt protection which requires a 540 PTO drive.

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