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Finishing mowers use a three blade design, the centre of each blade is fixed to the mower rotating on the blade spindle/hub assembly. Perfect for use on lawns and sports pitches, can also be used in well-maintained paddocks or pasture which has recently been topped. Height adjustable using the wheel spacers, finishing mowers give a very fine and close to the ground cut

Siromer finishing mowers are rear discharge with an adjustable cutting height of 1-4” and a floating top link to allow for undulating ground. Heavy duty chains are standard. All have 4 self-aligning solid wheels for an even cut complete with cat 1 lift pins and pto shaft. Siromer finishing mowers have a unique easy greasing system allowing you to grease the bearings without having to remove the guards and with a galvanised deck these mowers will last you a lifetime. A cheaper non-galvanised option is available in some of the sizes.
Mulching Kit Optional extra on 4ft, 5ft and 6ft models.

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