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The Siromer Loaders can be fitted with either a Pallet Fork/ Bale Spike/ Muck Fork or Bale Squeezy Attachment.


The pallet forks have adjustable tine width and are ideal for carrying pallets with the parallel lift Siromer Loaders.


The bale spike comes complete with 2 extra long tines.


The bale squeezy comes complete with pipework to fit into 3rd service of the loader spool block
Can carry 1 or 2 small round bales and weighs 120kgs.


The muck fork attachment comes complete with 7 tines 1m in length. 


The Siromer Loader Attachments are intended for use with small bales and weights within the capabilities of the tractor (400kg) and with due consideration of the terrain and operating conditions. When operating within the limits of the tractor it is advisable to use rear ballast, either water ballast the wheels or additional weight on the 3 point linkage.


The attachments are fitted with Euro brackets.

pallet forks.jpg
Orange Squeezy No Background.png
bale spike 2023 no background.jpg
muck forks_edited_edited_edited.jpg

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